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Secret Santa Christmas Collab Style!

Happy Holidays everyone! It's me, Luna back at if for blogging. I couldn't have thought of a better way to get back into blogging then joining Chris's #CreativeChristmasCollab event! The purpose of the event is to connect with other bloggers in the community and dedicate a post of appreciation to them and their work. That's right,… Continue reading Secret Santa Christmas Collab Style!

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I’ve Never Played Animal Crossing… But

Wow it has been quite some time since my last blog. As everyone is aware, the Corona Virus pandemic has pretty much caused everyone to reset and stay in their houses unless necessary to out. While this is unheard of in our era, I will say some silver linings are coming out of it. Personally,… Continue reading I’ve Never Played Animal Crossing… But

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I’m Back and Upcoming Posts!

Happy Saturday Gamers and Friends and Welcome Back to GamersUnitedGG! Well, it has been a while since I have blogged or uploaded any video game posts. Life has just been busy, but I’m finally balanced enough to get back to blogging a few times a week ( by a few I mean probably 2 times… Continue reading I’m Back and Upcoming Posts!

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Community Game of The Year Update!

Merry Christmas Eve and Happy Holidays all! The end of the year is quickly approaching and between the Holiday Shopping and mindless hours in new video games, I am unable to properly oversee or promote the Community Game of the Year event. So we are switching things up! If you would like to nominate a… Continue reading Community Game of The Year Update!

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Charming & Open: Board Games!

Power up Players for today’s collaboration with Ian from Adventure Rules! The Charming and Open event is where Ian accepts questions from the community and attempts to answer them in a single post. He has recently started including the community in these questions and here we are! What are the questions? We have decided to… Continue reading Charming & Open: Board Games!

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Community Game of the Year Challenge!

Power Up Players for a community collaboration! God of War took home 2018’s Game of the Year and it got me thinking about the games that I’ve played this year. 2018 has been a great year in gaming for me personally, from the long awaited release of Red Dead Redemption 2, a nostalgic Super Mario… Continue reading Community Game of the Year Challenge!

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Gamers House Winner!

**Cue The Host** Welcome back audience to the Gamers House Reality Show! Over the first season of this Community Event we have watched contestants get casted, enter the house and compete to be among the final 4. You have voted and sent Lightning, Spyro, Zelda and Peppy Hare into the finals.   During the challenge… Continue reading Gamers House Winner!

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December Update & Upcoming Posts!

Happy Friday Gamers! Happy Holidays! GamersUnitedGG has been offline due to NaNoWriMo that took place during the month of November. Now that I’m finish with that writing challenge and after a bit of a break, it’s time to get back into the swing of things. Next Week we will kick off a few posts and… Continue reading December Update & Upcoming Posts!

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Gamers House Finale Episode!

Happy Monday players! We have geared up through 8 weeks of intense video game characters schemes and this week is the finale… We will crown a video game champion for season 1 or Gamers House. Lets see how we got here. Last week the final 6 competed in a challenge where no one was immune… Continue reading Gamers House Finale Episode!

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Gamers House Week 7 Elimination!

Happy Thursday Players! This week the competitors competed in a head to head dodgeball match. The results ended with Team Red Bowser, Peach, Spyro and Solid Snake being up for elimination. You can review the episode here! Since this week we need to narrow down to 4 finalists, we put the vote to Twitter to… Continue reading Gamers House Week 7 Elimination!