Shots Fired: First Impressions!

Happy Friday Novas! Today’s post was going to be the Netflix Series of the Week: 13 Reasons Why, however, I was not able to b=get around to it yet. I’ve been binge watching other shows lol. One show that caught my eye is Shots Fired and I’ve been watching on Hulu. This series is playing on Fox and it has 4 episodes already out. I couldn’t stop watching so I will share some of my first impressions with the show.

Shots fired is a drama series that follows 2 main characters: Ashe and Perry as they are sent by the Department of Justice to investigate a controversial shooting. Ashe is the lead investigator who is brash, smart and quite often a loose cannon while Perry is her calm, by the book counter part who is the prosecutor on the case. You can already see where the diversity in the main character’s personalities can lead to some interesting moments. The series intensifies when they touch down in a small town in North Carolina to investigate the shooting of a Caucasian male teenager by an African American police officer.

While the 2 main characters are reviewing the case, many questions and inconsistencies arise. Because the story is set in modern times, other controversial cases involving racism and officer shootings are brought into the light.What I love is that you don’t really know what’s going on and who to believe.Was the officer’s shooting legit? Did he harbor a bias towards the victim? Was the victim aggressive towards the cop prompting the shooting? My mind is blown and after the 4 episodes I have no idea who’s telling the truth and which side everyone is playing for… which makes great TV!


  • A great story line with plenty of drama and suspense
  • The acting is so believable that I feel a cringe watching some of the more intense scenes
  • As far as I’ve seen, it’s not predictable


  • The language is a little vulgar in regards to race on all sides
  • There’s not too many happy moments. Piles and piles of crazy news pops up
  • If you’re trying to get away from modern news and social settings

So far the series is really good and I definitely recommend it for my crime loving Novas. I love that it rings true to real life and although the characters are investigating a National Tragedy, you still obtain a glimpse of their personal lives and struggles as well. Take a look at the trailer and check out the 10 part series if you like it!

Thank you for reading today’s post and I will try to have the 13 Reasons Why Netflix series watched and reviewed for next Friday! Have you seen Shots Fired? Which new shows are you currently watching? Let’s talk new series! Have a fantastic weekend Novas!

-Luna 😀


  1. Nice first impressions post! 🙂 I’d never heard of this show before but it sounds pretty interesting. I look forward to hearing what you think of 13 Reasons Why when you get to watch it. I’ve been hearing that it is amazing. It’s up there on my to-watch list for sure.

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    1. Thank you and yes everyone’s been telling me to watch it from my co workers to my boyfriend lol. I’ll get around to it (after I play this game which is currently taking up all of my time lol). Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

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  2. Appreciate the synopsis of the show! I keep meaning to watch it but I just know that I will be upset if something controversial happens and I don’t agree and I don’t wana be so emotional lOl it’s a scripted show.. not to mention I love Sanaa Lathan

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    1. It is very controversial and you will get upset, that is a given. I like the show because it references real life stories that have been on the news lately. I’m finishing the show this week but I’m not looking for a perfect outcome. It’s a really good show though, definitely would recommend.

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