Check out our friends at Anime Girls NYC Versus Tuesday post! I voted for Pokemon!!!!


    1. The first gen of Digimon was awesome but after that it kind of fell flat when they were older and new digi destined emerged. Who’s your favorite Pokemon?

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      1. Really? He’s not my number 1 but he’s top 5… I loveeee Haunter lol. But Number 1 is and forever will be Charmander. I also like Dratini, Pidgeotto, Combuskin and eevee 🙂

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  1. I’ve grown up watching both Pokémon and Digimon and have to say I absolutely love them both. However if I had to choose a favorite it would most definitely have to be Pokémon. My reason I guess would be because in South Africa Pokémon was distributed a lot better with regards to the anime, video games and merchandise. I remember growing up and even participating in the Trading card game tournaments. And to this day I still play Pokémon competitively and purchase every main line title that comes out.

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