WWE Extreme Rules Predictions!

Happy Saturday Novas! Time for another WWE PayPerView prediction post and this weekend Monday Night Raw’ s roster is up! Before every network special I will post a prediction on who I think will be the victor. I want to also mention that I’m happy with the progression of Monday Night Raw and consider Raw to be the more entertaining brand at the moment (thank you Superstar Shakeup!).

Extreme rules is a great payperview that introduces non conventional or “extreme” rules into the matches. This is where the wwe universe gets to see crazy action like last year’s Asylum Match. This year will be no different.Let’s get into the matches!

Mixed Tag Team Match Sasha Banks & Rich Swann vs Noam Dar & Alicia Foxxex4   This mixed tag team match has been looming in the background ever since Alicia Foxx’s character started jumping from on screen relationship to on screen relationship. Insert Sasha Banks into the mix and now we have a mixed tag match. I have to admit, I’m a little disappointed with Sasha Banks being involved as it seems like her value has decreased. Predictions: Sasha Banks and Rich Swann wins!

Raw Women’s Championship Alexa Bliss vs Bayley-   ex1  The Womens championship match will be a keno stick on a pole match. Alexa took the women’s title after defeating Bayley in her home town last month. Alexa has been patronizing Bayley saying that she can’t get extreme, leading to the keno stick on a pole match! I feel as though Bliss is trying to corrupt Bayley’s character which can make for an interesting story line (I.E. Neville and TJP’s relationship). Predictions: Bayley wins. Not quite sure why I feel like this, but I’m choosing Bayley!

Intercontinental Championship match Dean Ambrose vs the Miz-   ex5  Still with a feud that I hope ends here we have IC Champion Ambrose in a no champions advantage match with the Miz. The champions advantage States that titles will not change hand if the match is won by DQ. Since the Miz picked the stipulation, Ambrose cannot get disqualified or he will lose the title. Very interesting twist as for Ambrose to be DQ’d the Mix would have to be assaulted…. see the dilemma. If Maryse (Miz wife) pretty much assaults her husband, he would become champion. Prediction: I want for Ambrose to retain but with the stipulation my gut tells me Miz will win.

Raw Tag Team Championship Steel Cage Match-   ex2  The Hardy Boys vs Sheamus and Cesaro will be an epic steel cage match. Sheamus and Cesaro has been feeling disrespected and overlooked by the Hardys as well as the fans since Wrestlemania. The now heel team looks to “delete” the Hardyz in a steel cage match. Predictions: Although this is a match custom made for the Hardyz, I really want Sheamus and Cesaro to win. I’m choosing the Swiss-Celtic warriors! But I can’t wait to see Jeff hit a Swanton in the cage!

Cruiserweight Championship Match-   ex3  3rd times a charm right? Will this rematch, well re rematch between champ and King of the Cruiserweights Neville and challenger Austin Aries finally end in Aries’ favor? Neville has recruited TJP, sunk to new lows and impeded Aries’ triumphant return to the ring. Prediction: The greatest man alive will finally become cruiserweight champion! He should hit up Seth Rollins for a Kingslayer shirt lol.

Fatal 5 way Number 1 contenders match-   ex6  I’m really just waiting for the main event the first fatal 5 way match at Extreme Rules that’s being marketed to shape the face of the new era. I loveeee everyone in this match (except for Joe). We have my husband, kingslayer, champ, architect the man Seth Rollins vs eater of works Bray Wyatt, vs my other husband the demon king Finn Balor vs The big Dawg Roman Reigns… vs wack Samoa Joe lol. Star studded main event. Winner will face the beast Brock Lesner for the Universal title. I want all 4 to win forget Joe lol. Predictions: I have nooo idea. I’m just going with my heart and saying Seth Rollins but it’s really anyone’s match.

These are my predictions for Sundays PayPerView. Do you agree with my predictions? Who do you think will win? Let’s talk WWE!

-Luna 😊

Credits: WWE.com


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