WWE 30 Day Challenge Day 10!

Happy Monday Novas! Today is my “Friday” at work as I am off Tuesdays and Wednesdays ( yup these days off suck lol). I’m at work stalking the clock so that I can go home, but at least I was able to finish The Kingmaker’s Daughter book today! It was amazing and I can’t wait to start reading the comic Snot Girl (gross I know) when I get it our o my car later lol. Anyways, today’s post will be short!

Favorite Main Roster Tag Team

So here’s the thing. Enzo and Cass are no more and they were pretty entertaining. I’m not a fan of New Day never really was). I could go with the Hardy Boyz but I wouldn’ say they are my favorite. I guess I will have to go with The Usos or Sheamus and Cesaro!

The Usos have been favorites of mine for a few years now. I liked them better before the heel turn but they’re still entertaining to watch.

Look at the difference lol

Sheamus and Cesaro are amazing as tag partners. They grew from hating each other to being a truly dominant force in the tag team division. And they managed to make Sheamus likeable lol. Didn’t see that coming!

What are your favorite main roster tag teams? Are there any tag teams that you would like to see form? Let’s talk WWE!

-Luna šŸ™‚




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