Daily Prompt: Savor, Young Love

Happy Sunday Novas! I hope that you are having a fantastic weekend filled with blogs, games, friends, family, comics, books and everything else under the sun! We’re doing another daily challenge and I definitely encourage everyone to join in! Enjoy!

Delilah was a spectacle to behold each day that she decided to come to class. Today was no exception. She had on the ripped, dark blue jean shorts that had gotten her kicked out of the room several times before. Her short cut, black tank top rested just above her belly, exposing the jeweled martini glass ring that settled neatly in her button. “Sorry I’m late” she said. Uh-oh, Ms. Penelope is not impressed, she’s glaring at Delilah through her black, boxed rimmed glasses. Does she even have a prescription? I thought. Ms. Penelope gestures toward the seats and Delilah skips on by.

“Hi, Tyler!”

“You know you’re late right?”

Delilah tilts her head to the side and cracks a smirk. “So…” she laughs and punches me in the arm. Even her flirty punches are something that even her flirty punches are something that seem majestic and out of a novel. “She’s already got it out for you.” I gesture to Ms. Penelope who is still peering out of her glasses at my best friend. “She’ll be alright, so what’s for lunch?”

Before I could answer the bell was echoing through the halls and we were out for our hour lunch. Delilah grabs my ice cold hand and interlocks it with hers, as we walk to the cafeteria. She will never know how much I admire her, how much I want her and how much I will actually do for her.

“Hey, Ty… I’m going to get us some drinks. Be right back.”

“Sure thing!”

I can’t take my eyes off of her. Delilah doesn’t walk; she glides across the tile floor with ease. I bite my lip at the thought of having her in my arms. Today’s the day that I will taste what it’s like to be entranced by a siren. I stand up with authority as she returns to the table with our drinks, take her by her curvy waist and pull her into my body. Our eyes meet with intensity, her big hazel eyes cannot shy away from me any longer.


“Shhh don’t say another word.”


My hands slide up to the back of her neck and I pull her into my kiss. I promised myself that when I finally gave in to my desires that I would make the most of it, that I would savor every taste, every sound and every moment that she was in my arms.

Delilah drops the tray of food on the table where we are sitting.

“What are you thinking about?”

“Oh, nothing.”

I grab a carrot stick from the plate and take a bite with the biggest smile. I can still taste Delilah’s sweet, berry lips, even if it was just a dream.




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