September Rewind!

Wowww it’s already October! Happy Monday Novas! It’s time for the September rewind where we see if we have met out goals for the month and set new goals for October! Also thank you for 360 Followers, it’s been a great month! Let’s start with our goals from last month.

September Goals:

  • Host a Contest for a Guest Blogger
  • Send out A Newsletter
  • Buy and review at least 1 game
  • Finish and Review The King’s Curse
  • Post at least 3 times a week
  • Start the Creative Writing Mini Series
  • Finish the Previous Creative Writing Series
  • Find a New Show to binge Watch and Review (Goodbye Game of Thrones, miss you already!!!!)

Welp September was more of a freelance month and we only completed 3 of the 8 goals this month.


Achievements Earned:

  1. We did buy Destiny 2! A first impressions post is written and should go up Tomorrow.
  2. We did stay active and post at least 3 times per week
  3. We finally finished the Creative Writing mini series and you can read parts 1, ,Β  Part 2 The Curse, Part 3 The Discovery and Part 4 The Revelation here!

Unearned Achievements:

  1. Did not host a contest for a Guest Blogger – I didn’t remember this goal quite frankly but I wil try and put somethign together within a week.
  2. Did not Send out the Newsletter – Actually, I’m planning on sending that out next week for September. A follow up post will come out this week.
  3. Did not finish the King’s Curse – I don’t know what happened but I kind of stopped with my royal obsession. I mean is still there but I haven’t been reading this month.
  4. Start A Creative Writing mini series This goal was not completed because I was waiting to complete the first mini series. This goal will start up this week and will be a 4 part series each Wednesday.
  5. Find a New Show To Binge Watch and Review- I actually have been catching up on shows that I was behind on.

October Goals:

  • Post Destiny 2 Review
  • Host A Guest Blogger Competition
  • Review 1 New Series
  • More discussion Posts
  • Release Newsletter

Keep a lookout for the Newsletter Subscription post coming out soon. This post will lets us know who wants to receive a Newsletter! Also, if you want to contribute a post (Halloween Themed) to the Newsletter feel free to comment below or email us at Looking for creatiev writing posts (short stories and poems), gaming posts and art!

Those are our goals for October, what are yours? What are you currently working on? Let’s talk goals and projects!

-Luna πŸ™‚





  1. I’m taking it a little easy in October, after completing a 30 day blogging challenge last month, I’m running low on stamina. For October, I’m looking to do few horror/spooky themed posts.

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