WWE Hell In A Cell Preview and Predictions!

Happy Saturday Novas! It’s Saturday and there’s a preview post, that can only mean 1 thing. Tomorrow is a WWE Payperview event! This time Smackdown Live takes their best Superstars to the stage to battle for supremacy. Hell in A Cell will be a few rematches from Summerslam and we will have 2 matches inside of the cell. Let’s jump into my thoughts and predictions!

Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin vs The Hype Bros-  hiac8 I’m actually looking forward to this match. Shelton Benjamin has a great style of strength and speed and now being paired with Chad Gable, the tag team should be very entertaining. Prediction: Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin should win this! 

Smackdown Women’s Championship Match-  hiac3 Champion Natalya will take on Charlotte for the Women’s title. I didn’t watch the build up for this match so I don’t have a preview for it. Let’s just jump into the prediction. Prediction: I’m thinking Charlotte is going to take the match and become champion!

Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match- hiac4 This will be the first rematch of the Summerslam event. Champions; The New Day are set to defend their titles against The Usos in the cell! This rivalry has been one of the more entertaining ones for me. From the rap battles to the last rights, both the New Day and the Usos have stepped up on the mic and in the ring. It all ends at Hell In A Cell, inside of the cell. I can see both teams elevating each other once again. Prediction: I see the New Day retaining their titles and moving on to the next tag team.

WWE World Championship Match-  hiac2 This will be the 2nd rematch of Summerslam Champion Jinder Mahal taking on the King of Strong Style Nakamura. Mahal has been picking and prodding at Nakamura for a while now. Nakamura comes with a high octane style and kicks that can render any Superstar helpless. But will he be champion? Prediction: I have to go with Nakamura winning. I want him to win so bad lol. 

United States Championship Match-  hiac5 The United States match will be between champion AJ Styles and Baron Corbin who has been brooding around WWE for weeks. Between the interferences with the Tye Dillinger matches, the embarrasment of losing his Money in the Bank contract and the disrespect for the title, Baron Corbin is finally set to take on AJ Styles 1 on 1Aj Styles praises Corbin’s ability but disgraces his attitude, referring to Corbin as a Superstar that tries to take shortcuts. Prediction: Aj Styles will retain his championship.

Bobby Roode vs Dolph Ziggler – Hiac6 The battle of the entrances. GLORIOUS!!!!! Dolph Ziggler has been funny entering the Smackdown Live ring with various entrances, so why not pit him against one of the most infectious entrances out there? Ziggler is taking the same route as he did with Nakamura, threatening to expose Roode for the fraud that he is. Ziggler is a great test for Roode to solidify himself on SD Live and hopefully move on to bigger and better roles. Prediction: Bobby Roode will win this match which is GLORIOUS!!!

Randy Orton vs Rusev  – hiac7 I have no idea how or why this match is even a thing. I didn’t watch the buildup for this match so I will just comment my prediction. Prediction: I wouldn’t mind if Rusev picked up the W Here.

Shane Macmahon Vs KO- hiac1 From any of my previous previews that featured Shane Mcmahon, you might recall my disdain for him in matches. I honestly feel like there is great talent on Smackdown and they need to be utilized instead of Shane feuding with Superstars… again.  KO hit it on the head, Shane NEEDS to be involved and while the fans love seeing him take death defying risks, we need to be exposed to better quality matches for the talent on the roster. Enough complaining lol, this match is set to be entertaining with Shane’s lack of fear from jumping from high places. It’s a falls count anywhere match so I am anticipating that the match will be pretty good. Since it is falls count anywhere, look for KO and Shane to wander through the crowd during the match. Prediction: I believe Shane will win this match.

Side Note: I have come across 2 really great WWE bloggers that are just getting started. Check them out for interesting posts and predictions!

That’s the line up for the PPV. Who are you taking in the matches? What surprises if any, do you think will happen? Let’s talk Hell in a Cell!

-Luna 😀





  1. I’m glad Nattie got to hold the title for a little bit – she deserved to have a run, since she hadn’t for ages! I don’t think she was ever going to have it for long, though, so Charlotte seems a lock. New Day I’m hoping will retain; I’d love Shinsuke to win but I don’t know whether they’ll pull the trigger on that or give Jinder another cheaty win; I’m calling Owens to beat Shane, quite possibly by powerbombing him through the cell a la Taker slamming Foley!

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    1. Yeah, even though I’m not a fan of Natayla, it is nice to see her finally in the spotlight for a bit. I do see Charlotte taking the title tonight though. I really want Nakamura to win the title tonight but I do hvae some doubts. I’m just throwing a quarter in the wishing well and hoping it pans out lol. I want Kevin Owens to win but something in my gut tells me Shane may win the match, ughhh as stupid as it is.


      1. I have conflicting feelings about Nattie: I like her on Total Divas (most of the time) and I respect what she’s done and where she’s come from, but given that history I really think she’s not as good at wrestling as she ought to be!

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