Thanksgiving Picks

Happy Thanksgiving Novas!

It is Thanksgiving which means millions of Americans are anxiously awaiting to stuff their mouths with some home cooked Turkey and all of the fixings that come with it like sweet potato casserole, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce and everything else that can puts us in a food coma!


Now don’t get me wrong, Thanksgiving is also filled with family drama, football, the Macy’s Holiday parade, and everyone looking fly as hell walking around the house! It’s a big deal to most families and is widely celebrated around the country. Most of our Thanksgiving feasts serve some of the same things and Luna and I have come up with our Top 5 Thanksgiving Food Picks that we have to have on our plate!


  • 1. Turkey with Cranberry Sauce on Top 
    • Duhh. Unless you are Vegan or Vegetarian, neither one of these two should beturkey missing from your plate! I love to eat cranberry sauce with each bite of Turkey. The two of them together is heaven!
  • 2. Mashed Potatoes without Gravy
    • Yes, I know, it’s a crime to eat potatoes by themselves but my gawd I am not a big fan of gravy. Potatoes are one of my favorite foods in the entire world! They are so versatile and if your a fata** like me, you like to dip your bread in the potatoes like it’s butter….kirby
  • 3. Stuffing
    • Stuffing makes my taste buds sing and I like when they do that! My grandmother has a bomba** stuffing recipe that my mother makes and each bite is delicious! I can’t wait!
  • 4. Corn.
    • Don’t fight me on this. Yes, it’s a boring vegetable that you can have anytime of the year but my golly I can’t help myself. Plus, aren’t we supposed to have a bunch of colors on our plates??
  • 5. Pumpkin Pie with Whip Creamonepeice
    • This classic never goes out of style during the Holiday Season and always makes it onto my plate…a couple of times…..



  • 1. Stuffing
    • The homemade stuffing is one of my favorite dishes (other than Turkey of course). My family makes different stuffings each year from traditional, to cornbread to a cranberry pecan stuffing! Mmmm mmm bring it on, I love my great aunts and cousins trying to one up each others stuffings!untitled
  • 2. Corn Casserole
    • This is a new addition to our annual Thanksgiving. A few years ago, I was heavily invested in the cooking network. I watched Paula Deen one day and she made this corn casserole with sour cream, cheese, creamed corn and more and I’ve been hooked ever since!
  • 3. Greens!
    • My family has to have a giant pot of greens on the stove. It’s not Thanksgiving without the family greens with ham hocks or neck bones. I remember I used to hate greens growing up, but grandma always made me eat them. Now they are a staple on my plate and sometimes, I go back for seconds!
  • 4. Yellow Rice
    • Yellow rice is a great food to combine with my stuffing and cranberry sauce., I mix them together, put a piece of Turkey on a roll and have at it. anigif-enhanced-31422-1445455077-2
  • 5. Sweet Potato Pie
    • My favorite dessert is the homemade Sweet Potato Pie. My aunts will always have pie and another mystery dessert. While the mystery desserts are fun, the sweet potato pie always come home with me!


We hope everyone has a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving! Make sure to say what you are grateful for this year and to unbuckle your belt before you start eating!!!


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