Luna’s Rankings: Fierce, Fighting Video Game Females!

Happy Tuesday and Power up Players for this week’s Rankings Post! Upon reading several great articles by IgnitedMoth on Marie Curie, Cupcakes & Machetes Idea for the event and checking in at the Precinct1313 for This Week in Geek, I’ve decided to take part in C&M’s blogging event recognizing women in the month of March! That’s right i’s National Women’s History Month and what better way to celebrate than to have some video game tailored posts that celebrate great female characters in history! This week’s Rankings post will rank my top 5 favorite video game female characters from 5th place to 1st place! Let’s see who’s on the list!

#5 Princess Kitana –


Sonya Blade at first occupied my top spot for Mortal Kombat characters, but then Princess Kitana became my favorite. I really like how sat she is in the game and I love her fatalities with here duel fans. I started to grow even more attached to Princess Kitana when the Mortal Kombat movie came out. I loved that she was mysterious and obviously quite capable of fighting in the tournament. Mortal Kombat is one of those iconic video games from my childhood and with ever new installment, I am instantly brought back to memories of summer days with my brother and friends.

#4 Orchid –


Orchid used to be my favorite Killer Instinct character until Glacius took that spot. Orchid turns into a Jaguar in the middle of an attack which is just cool. Orchid is strong, agile and she’s a great character to use against any opponent.Using her weapons and her innate cat abilities, I still hold a special place in my heart for her character. Killer Instinct in history provided some of the BEST in game commentaries that I can remember. From the announcer putting such vigor on the fighter’s names to the announcer screaming ULTRAAAAAAAAAA COMBOOOOOOOOO at the end.

#3 Bastet –


Bastet is the Egyptian goddess and an assassin as far as her role in the MOBA Smite. In Smite, Bastest was on the of the first characters that I would play with and for the longest time she was my ONLY option when playing. Bastet is not only fast, she has cool moves like her Cat Claw that slows enemies, her pounce that can be used offensively and defensively and my personal favorite move, her ultimate where she releases 3 giant cats that attack their enemy. We know that I’m pretty much a cat so Bastet was and is the perfect character for me to use.

#2 Chun-Li –

Chun Li

Chun-Li was my absolute FIRST female video game character to use. Back in Street Fighter II I would use Chun-Li and Spam her Super Kicks against my brother and cousins (yes, I was that player lol). When I learned how to perform the umbrella kicks and the back flips, it was CURTAINS! Well, until my brother found my Kryptonite and starting using my character against me. For some reason, growing up if you used my same character, it would sike me out and I would ALWAYS lose. Kenny found out early how to beat his little sister when she was on a roll and I’m sure that still haunts me to this day haha.

#1 Kasumi –

Kasumi gif

Kasumi takes the crown as my FAVORITE video game female fighter due to nostalgia, style and my win rate! My first experience with Kasumi came when my brother would have his Lan Parties in High School. Me and my friends always wanted to play and one of the video games on the list was Dead or Alive 5. I prefer faster striking, agile characters so seeing the Shinobi character Kasumi immediately caught my eye. She is fast, strong and she will slit your throat with her Katana. Not too mention my friend and I would team up and beat the boys with me as Kasumi and her as Lei Fang. It was a tag team to victory and I believe Kasumi is my best mastered video game character in a fighting game.

Those are my top female fighting game characters, what are yours? Add your favorite fighting game characters to the comments so that they can be tallied and listed with the community rankings next week! Let’s talk Fiercely, Fighting Females!

-Luna 🙂


  1. An awesome array of female femme fatale fighters right there, my friend! 🙂 I am also a massive fan of the DOA games ever since their introduction on the Sega Saturn waaaay back in the nineties. Personal faves from the fantastic fighting franchise are Hitomi (adore her fighting style) and Ayane (love her look, purple haired Ninjas rock!!) and more recently thanks to DOA 5: Ultimate, I have become enamoured with the kickboxing legend that is Mila. Great post! 🙂

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    1. Thanks lol. I thoight i set this post for tomorrow but oh well rofl. I love ayane too. The story with her and kasumi is pretty cool and all of her spin moves are awesome. Hitomi is th karate chick right? I use her as my secondary lol.


  2. I’m with you, Princess Kitana and Sonya Blade were cool, but Chun-Li could cause some damage. I always played her and would spin kick a fool into oblivion. Honestly, I loved playing all three and was excited to see girls kicking serious butt in a video game rather than being to dainty princess who needed saving.

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