Video Game Challenge: Day 5- Best Weapons!

Welcome Ladies, Gentlemen and Creatures to the Replay Thrift Shop & Emporium! Today we are featuring some of the greatest video game weapons from realms across the video game universe.

Choosing the right video game weapon can get you out of sticky situations. Whether you’re looking for a weapon to protect yourself, to slow down your friends or to just have fun, you can’t go wrong with some of the options I have procured on my video game travels.

Energy Sword from the Halo Franchise –

energy sword

If I’m going into a battle, I’d love to have the Energy Sword from Halo. This One-Hitter-Quitter weapon comes equipped with a jump and speed boost when using the weapon. Icons such as the Arbiter and Master Chief have mastered and elevated the Energy Sword in their battles. Taking home this sword will make you the most powerful and formittable character!




This pretty contraption hasn’t been used since 2002. I found this relic on an island battered and worn by the sun. After a few repairs and spitshine, I was able to restore the Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device once used by that famous plumber that we know and love, Mario in his Mario Sunshine days. The FLUDD is great for cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning, but you can also use the device to fly! That’s right, point the hose at the floor and you can seamlessly fly over obstacles. You can protect the planet from pollution and protect your feet from hurting with this nifty device.


Red Shell, Fire Flower and Star –

red shell

Speaking of that plumber, I was also able to procure a Red Shell, Fire Flower and a rare Super Star from a vault beneath Peach’s Castle. Yes, I had to sneak passed a few guards and shimmy up a window seal, but the finds in this bundle was worth it! First I opened up a Question Mark Block and this beautiful Red Shell appeared. I know you fine players will have use for a shell that heat seeks the player in front of you.

fire flower

I’ve traveled the world and viewed exotic wildlife but the next treasure in this vault was something that took even my breath away. A rare Fire Flower! This beauty will allow you to become a fireball shooting fiend. The effects of this flower will last until you are wounded in battle so shoot wisely!

mario Star

The 3rd item found in the vault almost eluded me. I was packing up the shell and flower when a painting on the wall caught my eye. It was a Super Star painting, quite normal looking in fact. That is until I shone my flashlight over it and revealed the sparkles in the painting. That’s no ordinary paint. I reached into the painting and pulled out the authentic Super Star. Even touching it seemed to build me up with confidence and strength. I was skeptical about letting this one go, but rest assured your invincibility will come in handy on your many adventures… for a price that is. Keep in mind that this weapon ,while awesome, has a short life span so use it wisely.


Alright, that’s all of the products I have for today’s auction! Let’s open the phone lines and let the bidding begin! For the right price you can take home one of these priceless relics that will sure aid you in your next adventure. Who’s ready to bargain!


Which video game weapons would you choose? Would you make a bid for any of the items on sale? Thoughts on 5 finger discounted weapons? Let’s talk video games!


-Luna 🙂



    1. Thats a really good weapon. Its the one from God of War right? I remember watching my friend play and the axe was super useful. If my fence could sneak in Kratos’ house to get it im sure it will sell really quick lol. Thanks for joining in!


  1. The Super Star immediately made that song pop in my head, haha. So yeah, I’d probably bid on it. Great list! I would love to have a gunblade from the Final Fantasy series.. just sayin’. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol of course! Yea the Star is op and probably the best thing you can get from a video game haha. Thanks for reading and ill see if our fence can find you that gunblade 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Definitely would have my eye on that Super Star. 🙂 The evil side of me says that the smartest bidder would get the Super Star and then immediately use it to wreak havoc and just steal all the other weapons before the Star’s invincibility ran out. lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s so funny, I didn’t even think about it lol. I mean my partner couldn’t even complain as these items were obtained in a shady demeanor. Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

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