Harry Potter Tag

Happy Saturday! Yesterday I was reading Links Loves by Megan at A Geeky Gal and she really loved the Harry Potter Tag that she read during the week. I was in love with the concept so I decided to participate!


  • Write 30 character names on pieces of paper.
  • Put them in a jar/mug/cup.
  • Randomly choose two pieces of paper for every question. In each of the 15 questions, you have to decide which of the two characters fits the question and which one is not good enough.


  1. YOU ONLY HAVE ONE MORE SPOT ON YOUR SPELLING BEE TEAM. WHO DO YOU PICK TO COMPLETE YOUR TEAM?  The 2 names I drew from the pot were #23 Professor Moody and #3 Hermoine. This is a no brainer… I’m choosing Hermoine every time for the Spelling Bee. If I had to choose the character myself without leaving it to chance, I’m choosing Hermoine. Who else would you choose?
  2. BOTH CHARACTERS WANT TO KILL YOU. WHICH ONE WOULD YOU KILL FIRST SO YOU HAVE A BETTER CHANCE OF SURVIVING? In This match I was hoping to pull the name of a villain so I didn’t have to fight any main characters. No such luck, should have had Professor Slughorn whip up a lucky potion. I selected #2 Ron and #22 Hagrid. Hands down I’m killing Hagrid first. I feel like I can take Ron right now as a muggle lol
  3. YOU’RE ON THE BACHELOR/BACHELORETTE AND YOU’RE DOWN TO THESE TWO CHARACTERS. WHICH ONE ARE YOU GOING TO GIVE YOUR ROSE TO? For this question I gave my Day 1 A1 co-worker Liz (Also my Harry Potter guru lol) the pot so that she could select my 2 contestants. She chose #11 McGonagall and #5 Cedric. I love me some Robert Pattinson so I’m going to choose Cedric for the win!
  4. YOU’VE BEEN CHOSEN FOR THE HUNGER GAMES. WHO WOULD MOST LIKELY VOLUNTEER IN YOUR PLACE? Liz again picked for me and she chose 2 horrible prospects; #19 Dudley and #29 Horrace Slughorn. Initially I was going to say Slughorn but then I remembered… I could probably trick Dudley into going in my place lol. I promise I did not test for Slytherin lol.

    Have Fun tribute lol


  5. YOU’RE STRANDED ON AN ISLAND WITH AN ACTIVE VOLCANO. WHICH CHARACTER WOULD YOU THROW INTO A VOLCANO AS A SACRIFICE? Liz chose #24 Gilderoy Lockhart and #4 Luna. I’m definitely not throwing Luna in the Volcano as a sacrifice so bye bye Lockhart. Luna can help me scarifice him to the Volcano lol.
  6. YOU’RE THE NEXT DC/MARVEL SUPERHERO (WITH YOUR OWN T.V. SHOW, OF COURSE). WHO IS YOUR SIDEKICK? Liz chose #15 Voldemort and #14 Bellatrix. Hands down I’m choosing Bellatrix! Bellatrix would be an awesome sidekick, she’s loyal, she’s entertaining and she’s crazy powerful. I can’t trust Voldemort.
  7. YOU’RE A MANAGER OF AN AVOCADO-ADMIRING COMPANY. WHO WOULD YOU FIRE FOR LACK OF COMMUNICATION SKILLS? Liz decided to have the rest of the team participate. Sam selected #12 Dumbledore and #6 Seamus. Bye Bye Seamus lol
  8. YOU’VE JUST FINISHED A BOOK IN WHICH YOUR FAVORITE CHARACTER DIES. WHICH CHARACTER IS MOST LIKELY TO COMFORT YOU? Mrs Veronica picked again and selected #18 Aunt Petunia and #10 Nearly Headless Nick. Petunia is not comforting anyone other than her husband and son so I’m going with Nearly Headless Nick.
  9. UGH, IT’S HIGH SCHOOL. WHO WOULD MOST LIKELY BE PART OF THE POPULAR CLIQUE? My lead Sasha picked #1 Harry and #17 Dobby. As much as it pains me to pick Harry, it has to be him. Harry’s reputation will have everyone flocking to his side, whether friend or foe. Don’t believe me… remember when Draco tried to recruit Harry in Sorcerer’s Stone? Poor Dobby, he’d be my friend though!
  10. THE DAY HAS ARRIVED – YOU’RE FINALLY A YEAR OLDER! WHO WOULD HAVE THE NERVE TO FORGET YOUR BIRTHDAY? Megan from work chose #16 Hedwig and #7 Draco Malfoy. Hands down Draco is forgetting my birthday. Hedwig would never and she’s probably delivering all of the birthday cards to me that morning lol. I’ll save her a slice of cake.
  11. YOU’VE JUST FOUND AN UPCOMING BOOKTUBE STAR! WHO WOULD IT MOST LIKELY BE? Liz grabbed the pot back and chose #25 Ginny Weasley and #8 Crab. This one was tough because I could see Ginny having a channel where she’s spying on her brothers and showing how to survive in a family of older brothers. On the other hand I can see Crab doing extreme sports or something like the Ridiculous show. After consulting with my co-workers we decided that Ginny would be the bigger Star!
  12. SLEEPOVER TIME! UNFORTUNATELY, YOU CAN ONLY INVITE ONE PERSON. WHO WOULD YOU INVITE? Liz chose Lucius Malfoy #20 and #26 Fred Weasley. Lucius is hot. He’s coming to my sleepover. Sorry Fred.
  13. BAM, YOU’RE PREGNANT. WHO IS THE FATHER/MOTHER? Next #13 Sirius Black and #9 Goyle. I mean Sirius Black hands down. Sirius would probably have been a top contender if the choices were not random so when I seen his name first, the 2nd character didn’t even matter lol.
  14. YOU’VE JUST WRITTEN A SUPER IMPORTANT TEXT. WHO WOULD SEE IT, BUT NOT REPLY? This time #27 George Weasley and #30 Kingsley Shacklebolt was selected. George would definitely reply but Kingsley would be too concerned with the Ministry of Magic to reply to my texts. that and you know, fighting against Death Eaters lol.
  15. YOU’VE JUST WOKEN UP AND IT’S TIME FOR BREAKFAST. YOUR MUM’S BEEN REPLACED BY… WHO?! The last remaining pair were #28 Dolores Umbridge and #21 Severus Snape. Would anyone pick Umbridge? She is horrible!!!! Thank God for Severus. He would keep me sane, teach me magic and I would be powerful!
Dear Mummy…. YIKES!

This was really fun to participate in and just for some added content below are my responses if I didn’t have to randomly Select characters:


  1. Hermoine
  2. Voldemort Vs Umbridge… I would choose to Kill Voldemort first
  3. My final 2 are Lucius Malfoy and Sirius Black. I’m choosing Sirius
  4. I can see Harry Potter volunteering in my place
  5. Gilderoy Lockhart
  6. Bellatrix
  7. Dudley
  8. Molly Weasley
  9. Draco Malfoy
  10. Neville Longbottom (If he doesn’t have his Remembral lol)
  11. Ginny Weasley
  12. Luna Lovegood
  13. Lucius Malfoy
  14. Kingsley Shacklebolt
  15. Professor McGonagall


Those are my answers to the Harry Potter Tag! Thank you to Megan from A Geeky Girl’s Blog from highlighting this challenge and thank you to A Perfectly Tolerable Blog! Are you going to take the challenge? Who would you choose? Let’s Talk Harry Potter!

-Luna 🙂



  1. If you were in the hunger games you would be so screwed because I don’t think Slughorn or Dudley would ever volunteer 😂😂 But Hermione would be the best for a spelling be and Bellatrix would make a good sidekick! Great answers 🙂

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