Charming & Open: Board Games!

Power up Players for today’s collaboration with Ian from Adventure Rules! The Charming and Open event is where Ian accepts questions from the community and attempts to answer them in a single post. He has recently started including the community in these questions and here we are!

What are the questions?

We have decided to talk about board games for this post.I have asked Ian:“In a tabletop RPG, which character do you like playing the most (type and favorite character)?”


You can read my question for Ian by clicking here!


My challenge is to answer:

What parts of playing tabletop are you best at? Where can you improve?


This is a pretty interesting question. As I am fairly new to tabletop gaming, I asked the help of my gaming buddies for this question. Jaysen told me that I excel at picking up the rules quickly and that he really likes that I am open minded about the type of games we are playing. A few times a month we get together for a game night and select a game from their massive collection that only seems to continue growing in size. My bucket list has become to play every board game that they own.


So I’ve started thinking more in depth about the type of role that I normally play. We played a co-op dungeon game called Gloomhaven and I was immediately drawn to the mage character for several reasons. I’m a creature of habit so choosing the female or the purple tokens are a given, just as much as choosing Yoshi or Daisy in a Mario game is for me. The mage was a female purple caster so I was immediately drawn to her.

It looks more complicated than it is lol

Mages are great characters to use when you want to deal out a ton of damage from a rather safe position (normally behind your teammates lol). Gloomhaven was my first experience with a dungeon diving game and I was super happy to play it cooperatively with my team. My co-worker and his husband have game nights where I am a frequent guest. What I love is that they have a ton of games to play and each with more intricacies than then the previous game.


Root is a board game that I’ve recently played with my friends during our weekly game night. In Root, characters battle for control of the land using the resources of their kind. What I have found fascinating about Root is that every faction has different strengths and ways that they can win the game. I played as the Woodland Alliance where my main objective was to spread sympathy to rally supporters for my cause. Once I was able to build sympathy on a designated clearing, I could take control by moving my soldiers into that space.


The more areas of the forest that your character controls, the more options you have when attacking or initiating an action.

My Secret Cards!


Root is my example on a way that I know I can improve my board gaming experience. I came in 2nd in Root having played a great game where I was seemingly last until the final few rounds where my plan started coming together. I am the type of player that loves the flashy plays and this tendency pushes me to play “The Long Con” game. A long con is basically looking like I’m always a step behind because I am playing for the huge playoff at the end of the game. Long Cons are super fun to play when they pay off and you see the reaction of the other players in the room ( which happened the 2nd to the last round where I lept into first place).

I’m the green!

All was looking good for me except for 1 fatal flaw… my long con plan to release a large scale attack and score points was thwarted by my miscalculation. When I pulled the move I added my points incorrectly placing me 1 space from winning. During that same round after my turn, my friend Carl who played Marquis de Cat was just 3 spaces from the end and casually walked past me to score his final points and win.


Root isn’t the only board game where I failed at the long con, falling just shy of the victory. Because this strategy requires you to think several moves ahead, one mistake and you can find yourself in 2nd place or worse, still in last waiting to make your final move. I believe I can improve on the timing and farming needed for long cons to really play a well rounded game.


My game nights with my co-worker has really opened my mind in the possibilities of playing board games and playing outside of my comfort zone. I am eager to learn and willing to try any and all games to see if I enjoy them or not. Have you played any board games recently? What are your go to roles and where do you think you can improve? Let’s talk board games!

-Luna 🙂


  1. I’m definitely going to have to look into these games, they both look super fun!

    It’s interesting that your strategy is to focus on the long game – I’m the opposite in that when I play strategy board games I tend to try to overwhelm the opposition and win quickly before anyone else can build up an advantage. Of course, that can burn out your resources very quickly, and if you can’t grab ahold of that early-game advantage it’s harder to break ahead of the person who beat you to it. That’s the cool thing about this hobby, I think – different people can play different ways and still have a great time!

    Thanks for doing Charming and Open with me, it’s been fun talking tabletops with you!


  2. Fantastic post! Board games have always been a feature at our house, it is amazing how far table top gaming has come, and how many different options there are to explore.

    New to your blog (Lightning Ellen sent us here 🙂 looking forward to exploring more of your adventures. Root looks like a LOT of fun, and will be on the lookout for that one.

    Wishing you all the best for the Holidays.

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    1. Thank you and welcome! I will be sure to thank Lightning Ellen as well. Root was so much fun to play except for me falling just short at the end. I want to play again as the same alliance, but 1now I have more insight on what needs to be done in order to win.

      Ive played some really amazing board games this year thanks to game night. Which games have you played and enjoyed?

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      1. As I say to my 4 nephews. EVERYTHING has a learning curve, the first go round will usually be a bit clunky, but the main point is to get to grips with the basics and build from there. After reading your post I went and looked around at some of the top games from 2018 and wow there are so many!

        I will usually have a go at any game, but having 4 nephews aged 6-15 I tend to purchase games that are easy enough to understand after a few tries, don’t go on for too long, but have enough diversity that they don’t get stale. If they like them enough I usually gift them down the road and pick up another copy to keep at the house.

        We have been playing a LOT of Small World, where you choose different tribes to conquest the map, each time there are different special abilities, so the game will always be different. A friend brought over Star Realms which is a deck building game, which was super addictive, quick to learn with fast games, the developers made a RPG style spinoff called Hero Realms which we also picked up.

        Our most recent purchase has been Time Barons, which is really fun. You choose 1 of 4 factions racing to develop your resources and followers, & eliminate your opponents before time runs out. Of the games listed Time Barons and Star/Hero Realms were under $25 which is great value for money, Small World is around $45, and has several expansions but I think the original is fantastic as it is.

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      2. That’s awesome that you play with your family. Small World sounds like a game I would love to try.

        I’ve played a few deck building games like the Attack on Titan game and there’s a Harry Potter deck building game that my friends have that I am dying to play. I think I will add a board games section to the blog in 2019 since we have game night a few times a month. Each time we play a different game and for some reason, I loveeeeee the games that take 30 minutes to explain all of the rules haha. Maybe I’ll have the featured game of the month section.

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    1. Yes, I really liked playing Root. I may add a monthly board gaming section to the blog in 2019 as we have game nights almost every week. Each week I play a new game and learn something new about being a gamer haha.

      Happy New Year and I hope that you can enjoy more games and things that you love 🙂

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