Bridgerton: Spoiler Free Review!

Enter the world of 19th Century London where the aristocrats of the area are preparing for the social season. Amongst the best of the families are The Bridgertons! Daphne, the eldest of the daughters is entering her first season with one goal in mind, secure the best possible match for her and her family. It’s a game of flirtation, luck, and the occasional scandal and it’s what I believe has made Bridgerton Netflix’s highest viewed series during Christmas. It’s no secret that 2020 has allowed us to binge-watch things we may have otherwise skipped (how else’s did Tiger King do so well in the ratings 🤣🤣🤣), however, this delicious period drama has been deemed “swoon-worthy” and an enjoyable way to waste your time. Based on the books by Julia Quinn and Produced by Shonda Rhimes, here is my spoiler free review of Bridgerton!

The Story – I’m a sucker for most period pieces whether they’re medieval, royal, or societal so when Netflix recommended Bridgerton to me, I was all in. We follow different young ladies and their families during the courting season. But this isn’t some fairytale dream as the ladies were raised to expect. No this year attending the festivities with the eligible women is a shadow, an all-knowing person who is ready to expose the scandal and shortcomings of London’s finest. Who is this elusive shadow? Well, they write under the pseudonym “Lady Whistledown” and they do not leave anything out of their printings. A bulletin to bring down or even raise the subjects of their observations. Who is this gossip that seems to know everything that is happening and what is their motive? Daphne Bridgerton has been targeted by the vile words of the writer and her status has plummeted, while the newly titled Duke of Hastings has been spotted as a suitor. The story primarily focuses on these 2 aristocrats: 1 vying for a suitable marriage and the other trying to avoid a proposal altogether. Both were targeted by Lady Whistledown’s publishing for different reasons and both in need of a diversion. A plan in place to save Daphne’s reputation and provide the newly appointed Duke with an escape from the ladies wanting to seduce him into marriage. What could go wrong?

Setting & Audio– Bridgerton is set in the London High Society of 1813. Grovesnor Square is our location for the many balls, events, and promenades that will be taking place during the marrying season. Eligible young ladies are escorted from miles around with their eye on the prize of marriage, and if lucky a title to lift their status. The visuals are stunning and the colors symbolize a playful, yet dramatic feel. One of my favorite parts of the series is the inclusion of modern music. Songs that we love are transformed into beautiful contemporary pieces, accompanied by strings and other fine instruments. I’ve seen this tactic included in The CW’s Reign series and has transferred well into Bridgerton. The costuming in the series is another fantastic element. I’ve enjoyed the fashions and intricacies of the suits, dresses, and even the hairstyles of the members of society. I will say the attire looks more modernized than what was expected in the 1800s, but those are subtle changes and for the most part, a good balance between traditional and modern concepts was portrayed.

Characters – You have the characters that you would normally expect in a Period Drama. You have the main characters, the troublemakers, the side characters, and the characters that help propel the story forward. What I love is that many characters have their motivations and story arcs during the series and is not focused solely on the Duke and the Debutante. Yes, Daphne and The Duke are the main characters, but the cast of characters around them helps to make the series more dynamic and interesting.

Daphne Bridgerton– The young, innocent, and eldest daughter whose hopes and dreams rely heavily on whether she can procure a marriage. Daphne is beautiful, charming, and naive. Seeing Daphne progress from a girl to a woman and her convictions is a great takeaway for young women.

The Duke – The Duke is meant to be the unexpected, “bad boy” of the series. He comes into town with no intentions to marry and every intention to indulge in the liberties of London. The Duke’s character arc is predictable, but I don’t think it was meant to be told any other way. Seeing the Duke progress, however predictable it may be, goes well with the progression of his counterpart Daphne.

Lady Whistledown– The most intriguing character in the series by far. The author of the gossip papers seems to be everywhere and knows everything. How can this person be so anonymous, yet appear at all of the season’s most prestigious events? What’s the identity of this whistleblower? What is their next story?

Final Thoughts– Final thoughts is I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THE SERIES! I am currently watching for the 2nd time (the first playthrough I completed all 8 episodes in a single night) mainly to refresh the story while I write the review and partly because I loved it so much. There are 8 episodes and they are about an hour long. Bridgerton was an easy watch for me and because of my intrigue, I am reading the book series (yes there are books lol). Produced by Shonda Rhimes, who has given us such great series as Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away with Murder, the stories being told are compelling and of course dramatic. It’s hard for me to critique the show but here are some observations on why you would want to Play or Skip the show.


  • An entertaining Period Drama with plenty of romance and suspense
  • Honestly the Music. I hope they released a soundtrack for the series because it was divine
  • A look into the life for a debutante, their pressures, expectations and of course restrictions
  • The Duke… watch just to swoon over The Duke lol


  • If you do not enjoy Period Drama’s (Though I’d recommend at least trying episode 1 because of it’s modern themes)
  • There are many suggestive scenes and I don’t recommend it for children

Here is the trailer for Bridgerton

Have you watched Bridgerton? Who are your favorite characters? What series are you currently watching or recommend? Let’s Talk Netflix!

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