My First PS5 Gameplay: Sackboy!: A Big Adventure!

Happy days readers! The PS5 has eluded me because it’s still out of stock everywhere, however I’ve had my first taste of the next gen experience: and I’m dying 😵 for more! I was invited to a game night with my two friends Carl and Jaysen. Typically our game nights consist of playing through their massive and ever growing board game collection (note all of my board game reviews are from sessions with them 😉). This invitation was a little different. The invite was to watch some anime and play Jaysen’s PS5! Immediately I accepted and was in for an exciting night of gameplay ♟!

Sackboy: A Big Adveture is a spinoff of the Little Big Planet games. I’ve only played 1 LBP game with my friend many years ago, so this was pretty much a new game to me. Instantly upon us loading up ( and me complaining about not having any outfits) I became invested in what would be the next 2 hours of my life. Although my friends have already completed multiple levels, we went back to play levels where they did not collect all of the orbs needed for completion.

Guys this game is amazing and super fun to play with friends. For example, Carl and I spent the first 2 levels smacking each other and trying to throw the other off of the level, while our fearless leader Jaysen actually looked for and completed the challenges. Similar to the original Little Big Planet games, your goal is to traverse a level (switching between side scrolling and varying camera angles) to collect coins, gold bells 🔔 and defeat enemies. There is an overlaying larger story where you are trying to stop the evil Vex from creating a Topsy Turvey machine and destroying the life of your the sack people. As the hero, you are questing to save your friends and defeat the villain!

What I love about the game is that it’s a 3D platformer and looks fantastic! The worlds are themed based on the area you are currently in ( crablantis or the Searing Summit) with small, medium and large enemies that will try to thrwart your progression. There are bonus areas with the levels and the music 🎼 is one of the more delightful features of the game. The colors are bright, bold and perfect on each level leaving you in a whimsical mood as you play.

When you’re playing with friends, the hero with the most points at the end of the round, receives a photo op! One of my favorite features is the photo bombing of that players picture. You can slap them, throw them out of the picture or simply stand in front of them and use one of your customizable emotes. There’s so much fun to be had in the Sackboy world 🌎.


  1. Such a great game! Played it with my little girl and had a lot of fun and it strikes the right balance between tough and easy, at least until the last world in the post game!

    And agreed there is nothing like stealing someone’s glory and their trophy after all that hard work!

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