Megacon 2021- Back to Conventions!

Hiya beautiful people, Luna here! This past weekend I was able to attend Megacon 2021 in Orlando and it was many peoples (including me) first convention since the Covid-19 pandemic began. It was amazingggg and I’m here to give you some insights both visual and auditory so that you can also experience Megacon!

Me and my friend Jaysen!

Megacon is Orlando’s largest convention of the year! Usually taking place in May, this 4 day event combines all of your favorite fandoms from Anime to Comics to Movies to Games and everything in between. The convention allows you to show up and show off your favorite cosplays (dressing in characters) and meet with other enthusiasts! There’s an artist/vendor floor where you can meet talent and purchase keepsakes, panels and shows featuring celebrity guests, meet n greets from some of your favorite artists, actors, etc and even a pop up escape room! I was attending the event as an exhibitor to help my friend sell his books and was able to sneak away to film some booths and cosplayers, take a look below 👇.

@zlecky on Instagram for Loki! @dweebz_inc on Instagram for Stickers! @Bafa59 on Instagram for clay miniatures. and @ezeekat on TikTok

On my walk around Artist Alley I came across a card game creator! Instead of listening to me, let’s hear his spiel of his game “Last Call at the Crowbar!” .

Thank you Matt from Last Call at the Crow Bar

You can’t visit a convention without making purchases! I visited a few exhibitors and purchased some cool items! All of their contact information will be displayed so feel free to browse their collections and reach out!

Watercolor art from foxyhobbitart on Instagram!
D20 Keychain from or Kittymsews on Instagram
Kitty Prints by JessicaSketches on Instagram and SweatherSketches on TikTok
Stickers by, Dweebz_inc on Instagram and Dweebzinc on TikTok!

I had a great time at the convention and can’t wait for it to resume in May next year! Thank you for all of the cosplayers and artists in making this event a success. Are you visiting any conventions? What were your favorite cosplays? Let’s talk conventions!

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