Luna’s Rankings: Halloween Horror Nights 2021 Houses!

Happy Friday! As we approach Halloween Weekend, I want to share with your my rankings for this year’s houses at Halloween Horror Nights 30 in Orlando. With the event opening again after last year’s closure, the crowds and Halloween Enthusiasts have been flocking to the event since the first week in September… and so have I! Let’s dive into different houses and see which ones rank at the top of my list!

10-Revenge of the Tooth Fairy

First up is the last spot on the list. Revenge of the Tooth Fairy is last on my list for a few reasons. Mostly because I wasn’t interested in the IP at all, but the house was also featured last year as a “daytime” house that guests could walk through. Since the event was canceled in 2020, Toothfairy was the only “Spooky” thing we had and even then it was sub-par at best. After leaving the Tooth Fairy I wanted more to investigate…

9-Case Files Unearther: Legendary Truth

Next is our crime noir house. I didn’t think Case Files was a “bad” house, however, being located in the Shrek 4-D queue line and having predecessors like the Saw franchise, I was hoping for a bit more pizazz. I will admit this house gave me a few scares which is always a plus! The theme of the house was great! We follow detectives that are trying to “unearth” strange encounters in the city. One of my favorite scenes here was the singer onstage, who revealed a Scare-y secret!

8-Welcome to Scarey: Horror in the Heartland

When I think about the Scarey house, I’m not recalling too much of it. This makes a case for it to move down to 9th place and for Case Files to move up to 8th. The reason Scarey stays here is that I was a bit more interested in this house, but honestly, I don’t remember being scared or impressed. Scarey takes us on a deep delve into Carey, Ohio where supernatural occurrences plague the town. This house was located back by the Men in Black: Alien Attack attraction.

7-The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Texas Chainsaw Massacre gave me EXACTLY what I was expecting; an old farm in the woods, the smell of dust and blood in the air, and of course Leatherface running rapidly! The loud chainsaw sounds had me jumping before any scare actor could make a move. Texas chainsaw gives you the impression that you are being chased at every turn. I was hit with air shots (simulating a shotgun) which had me running to the next room. The great thing about this house was that each time I went in, I was surprised by another scare actor lurking. Texas Chainsaw is located in New York through the Jimmy Fallon: Race Through New York line.

6-Netflix’s The Haunting of Hill House

This house should really be higher, but I lovedddddd the others so much. If we’d survey this year’s guests at Halloween Horror Nights, I’d bet Haunting of Hill House would be the top 3 on most lists. I haven’t watched the series on Netflix so I went in completely blind. This house is by far the scariest for me. There were many great scare actor positions and the set is well built. What gets me every time is the darkroom! It’s pitch black for a long time to the point where you are unsure where you are going. What made this house even creepier, was when my friend reached down and grabbed my leg!

Now we’ve reached the Top 5 Houses. At least 1 house I know wouldn’t be this high on other lists, but what can I say, I’m a sucker for nostalgia.

5-Puppet Theatre: Captive Audience

Puppet Theatre was the last house that I needed to complete on the list and it did not disappoint. I feel this house is a sleeper and wouldn’t be high on many lists. My top reason for loving this house is the theming. We descend upon a closed venue where the entertainment has all been SLAUGHTERED! The murderers are so entranced by the spotlight that they decide to put on a different kind of show. Marinette the murdered talent’s various limbs, each room takes you deeper into the madness of the massacre. Another thing I love is the twisted masks and demeanor of the scare actors throughout the house. One section, in the dressing room, prompted me to run as there were racks of clothes that I just KNEW a scare actor was behind (they didn’t get me :p)! I really enjoyed the theming, music, and twisted nature of this house. It was less of the in-your-face scary and more of the creepy performance of the scare actors.

4-Universal Monsters: The Bride of Frankenstein Lives

This house needs no introduction. The Bride of Frankenstein Lives house was great! It follows the Bride trying to revive her beloved Frankenstein Monster after a terrible accident occurs. She hunts and uses the blood of the immortal vampires to try and bring Frankenstein back to life. This house was taken straight out of a black and white horror film. It was more of us being a spectator and witnesses to the battle between the Bride and the Vampires and I loved every moment! The House is located in the Music Plaza queue line.


BEETLEJUICE! BEETLEJUICE! BEETLEJUICE! When I think about nostalgia, Beetlejuice would be number 1 on my list. I loved going through this house and reliving my childhood. There were iconic scenes from the movie like the waiting room in the afterlife and the speakers blaring “Jump in the Line” as I cha cha’d through the dining room scene. The house wasn’t particularly scary, although I know that was the point. It was more of a fun house with a few jump scares sprinkled in for effect. I will say, I ran from the giant sandworm at the end EVERY time lol. That and the giant Beetlejuice head were not going to keep me up at night.

2-The Wicked Growth: Realm of the Pumpkin

This is honestly one of the best houses and I think most people would place it in their top 3. Wicked Growth starts with an array of pumpkins arching and leading you into the lair of the pumpkin king. One of my favorite observations was trying to spot pumpkins throughout the house. There were sad pumpkins, mischievous-faced ones, and an old pumpkin! Walking into this pumpkin guts room was awesome! The ceiling was littered with slimy pumpkin guts that hung down over our heads as we walked by. The house wasn’t particularly scary, however, the detail of the house and the creativity of rooms placed it close to the top for me.

1-Halloween Horror Nights ICONS: Captured – The Marquee house of the event is the ICONS house which featured some of the past HHN headlining characters. Enter into the asylum where Jack the Clown is the Ringmaster once again and this time, he’s brought his friends! This house was by far the longest and my favorite for showcasing the names and faces that have shaped the last 30 years.

Final Thoughts

Halloween Horror Nights is the World’s Premier Halloween Event! I attend every year and this year I purchased the Frequent Fear Plus Pass. This pass allowed me to visit the event every Sunday through Friday. I attended the event at least 6 times and had a blast. If you have the chance to attend the event, make sure you do so! Enjoy your weekend and look out for the Halloween Horror Nights Food post next week!

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Have you visited Halloween Horror Nights or any haunted house event? What are your favorite Halloween Movies? Let’s talk Halloween!

-Luna 🐱

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