Bridgerton Season 2 Trailer Thoughts!

You’ve read that right! Netflix has finally released the Season 2 Trailer for Bridgerton and I don’t know about you, but I’m super excited!

Last January, I posted my review of the Bridgerton Series that took Netflix by storm. The pilot season of Shonda Rhime’s Regency Era Romance smashed the record for the number of household views in its first 28 days (82 Million. That record now belongs to Squid Game, but Bridgerton held on to it for almost a year.

Season 1 of Bridgerton premiered in December of 2020.

Recap of Bridgerton Season 1

Let’s pump the brakes before I dive into my thoughts and reactions on the upcoming Season’s trailer. Maybe you’ve never heard of Bridgerton, maybe you’ve added the series to your list but haven’t had time to watch it or if you’re like me, maybe you didn’t want to watch while it was at the height of its popularity. That’s alright! Let me get you caught up to speed.

Bridgerton is a Regency-era Romance/Drama that follows the siblings of one of the more influential families in London, you’ve guessed it, The Bridgertons! Daphne is the eldest daughter in this prestigious family and enters her first season of high society courting. The pressure on Daphne to secure a respectable match during her first summer of eligibility is tremendous and will set the tone for her younger sisters when they enter high society. This premise alone is enough to have me interested in the series. But it’s the introduction of the mysterious Lady Whistledown that truly held my grip on the Series (did I mention I completed all of Season 1 in the same night!). Lady Whistledown speculated and made their opinions known to all of London via printed pamphlets. The words of this jagged journalist quickly turn from societal gossip to an influencer on the remainder of the social season.

That’s a basic description of Season 1. For a more in-depth idea of what to expect, read my spoiler-free review here! That’s all of the Season 1 discussion for this post, now into the trailer, my thoughts, and predictions for Season 2 of Bridgerton!

Spoiler Warning!

If you haven’t finished Season 1 of Bridgerton and do not want anything spoiled, please stop reading. “Do not pass go, do not collect $200” as the Monopoly Chance card would dreadingly say!

Bridgerton Season 2 Teaser Trailer – Netflix

All About The Aesthetics

The iconic violin puts me right back in the familiar seat like I was back in Season 1. My favorite part of probably the entire trailer is the first 15 seconds. I’m already invested and want to know what has happened since the credits rolled the last time. The pace of the trailer builds and reaches a climactic stop with a simple phrase… “Did you miss me?” Yes, YES, YES!!!!!

What We Know?

The Bridgerton Series is based on the books written by Julia Quinn. I have “The Duke and I” which is Season 1. It follows Daphne and the Duke through her acceptance and his return to high society. We know the series will follow different siblings in the Bridgerton family. The eldest brother, Anthony, you know the one we hated last Season is now thrust into the spotlight. Could it be that he has finally found a woman in High Society that he would have for a wife? One that he could see himself falling in love with?

What I Want?

8 Seasons of Bridgerton if I’m honest. More suspense and drama. Now that we, the audience know who Lady Whistledown is, will the suspense now come from expecting them to get caught? I love the immersion of the Twitter account for Bridgerton! I’m of course now following for new updates and to see what witty remarks Lady Whistledown has.

What I expect?

I fully expect to be hooked on Season 2. I’m not sure if I will like Season 2 as much as the first season but I know I will enjoy it. I wonder if this season will have a Happy Ending or if the season will take a different turn. Is it weird to say that I don’t want a happy ending in every season? I expect Eloise will find out who Lady Whistledown is. What’s interesting to think about is what Eloise would do? We know she is all for women’s rights and independence, but can she back her only friend who has targeted her family in her endeavors? Will she join Penelope?

That’s enough speculation from me. I can’t wait to see if another trailer will release closer to the premiere date. Bridgerton Season 2 will premiere on Netflix on March 25th, 2022. I’m going to binge-watch the season and have a spoiler-free review posted within a week!

Are you excited about the new season? Who is your favorite character? What are you hoping to see this season? Let’s Talk Bridgerton!

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