The Courtship Ep: 2 Acts of Chivalry Review

Happy Tuesday and Good day my fellow readers! For all of the hopeless romantics like myself, this week’s episode of The Courtship started to turn up the heat. The premiere episode gave us an overview of what to expect and this week’s episode delved deeper into the personalities of the Suitors. Continue reading below for a recap of the episode, my thoughts, and my predictions going forward. You can check out all of the Suitors profiles on NBC’s Meet The Suitors Post here

*Spoilers Ahead*

The Episode

The episode begins with the Suitors moving into their estate accommodations. Here we start to get a glimpse of each of the Suitors’ personalities. It’s here that I was really about to put a name to a face and try to pinpoint their motivations. 13 Suitors remain and by the end of the episode only 11 will continue to court, Ms. Remy.

“The Daily Tea” is a one-page note, similar to the Whistledown letters in Bridgerton, delivered to both Nicole and her court in the drawing-room and the Suitors in their estate. This will be a weekly occurrence and the Daily Tea will serve as the itinerary for the week’s activities. This week our Suitors are in for a day by the lake. Nicole’s parents will decide which Suitor wins a private date with their daughter.

The Challenge

This week’s challenge was focused mainly on the Parents. The Suitors would spend some time talking to the parents in pairs and trying to gain approval. The Suitor that impressed the most would be selected for a private date with Nicole. Some Suitors took initiative early and during the boat crossing to the picnic area, approached the parents and escorted them over.

The pairings were: Mr. Saffa & Captain Kim with the parents, Mr. Bochicchio and Mr. Shankland with Nicole and the other suitors taking members of the court. The 3 Suitors without a member of the court were Mr. Cones, Mr. Kessler, and Mr. Chaplan.

After traversing the lake, the competition turned up with Suitors vying for the attention of Ms. Remy and her parents. During the conversations, we see some emotional connections, some funny interactions, and some more awkward encounters. Remember when I identified Mr. Saffa as having villain potential in the first post? Well, editing and actions are seeming to bring that prediction to life. There was a brief scene of him asking Nicole’s Friend a question and her saying No and walking away. More on that later in the post.

The Date

The lucky Suitor selected for the date is Mr.Hunter. Personally, I love Mr.Hunter! He seems genuine, is respectful, and fun. He also reminds me of Nick Lachey! Seriously, look at him lol. A note is sent to the Suitor’s estate with Mr.Hunter’s name on it and the rest of the guys sit and ponder why they were not selected. Tensions definitely start to rise here and we begin to see more of the guys’ character come through. Let’s just say, some are definitely sore losers.

Mr. Hunter joins Nicole in the Drawing room and they take a stroll through the castle. What I love is the Chivalry that Mr. Hunter shows from something as simple as bowing to Nicole when he approaches her to pull out her chair when they sit at the dinner table for a chat. The private dates are definitely more intimate as the guys know they will not be interrupted by another Suitor. I think this reward was the best so far and we see a great connection between Nicole and Mr. Hunter. He not only won over the parents and Nicole, but he won me over as well. Mr. Hunter is a front-runner for me at this point.

The Farewell Dance

Although the dancing and elimination did not get less awkward, I do enjoy the other parts of the elimination. Mr. Andrews, the narrator, and Butler announce that 5 Suitors will be selected for the Farewell Dance and 2 will be eliminated from the competition. The 5 Suitors up for dismissal are Mr. Cones, Captain Kim, Mr. Mumbray, Mr. Luxe, and Mr. Kessler. Captain Kim and Mr. Luxe are no strangers to the Farewell Dance as they were both at the bottom of the first elimination. My predictions going into the dance were Mr. Luxe and Mr. Mumbray going home. Mr. Luxe has one of those “awkward” conversations that I eluded to during the picnic challenge.

In the end, Mr. Luxe and Mr. Kessler, surprising to me, were eliminated from the competition. Mr. Luxe was understandable but Mr. Kessler was one of the Suitors I was rooting for. The bottom 2 were Captain Kim and Mr. Kessler, and it was there that I knew Mr. Kessler was going to be eliminated. A bit of a spoiler, but during the trailer, there is a heated conversation between Captain Kim and Mr. Chapman. This conversation is yet to happen so I knew Captain Kim was safe. Side note, the mother really likes Captain Kim and was ecstatic when he was sent to the balcony.


This was a fantastic episode with getting to know the Suitors, Nicole, and what her parents are looking for in a Suitor. This week’s challenge focused on important parts of 19th Century England Society, that of Boating, Picnicking, and the Promenade.

My Front Runners: Mr. Hunter, Mr. Chaplan, Mr. King

Final Thoughts

Overall another enjoyable episode of The Courtship. This episode was a bit smoother than the last episode. I really enjoyed the picnic, conversations, and challenge this week. Next week’s preview looks to be even more enchanting and the Suitors will take on the game of Cricket. Back to a point, I mentioned earlier about Mr. Saffa. The preview for next week’s episode really shows him coming on to Nicole’s friend. I’m sure this is going to lead to dismissal for him at the Farewell Dance. In the trailer, Nicole is shown telling a Suitor that she knows what is going on and dismissing him. This seems to be the fate of Mr. Saffa.

Mr. Saffa/Photo: Sean Gleason/NBC

Did you enjoy this week’s episode? Who are your favorites moving forward? What other challenges do you think we will see? Let’s talk about The Courtship!

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