The Bob’s Burgers Spoiler-Free Movie Review

The Bob’s Burgers Movie is a must-see for the show’s fans and it sure-fire you up!

If you’re planning on going to the movies this weekend, check out the Bob’s Burgers Movie! Fans of the Emmy Award-winning series are sure to find enjoyment in the series’ first feature-length film. The Bob’s Burgers Movie serves up big fun, big songs, and big laughs in this comical, family adventure. Pull up a seat to the Belchers’ biggest adventure yet!

The Mystery

The movie opens with a mysterious scene that takes place 6 years earlier. Two figures are fighting in the shadows and a shot is fired or was that thunder 🤔? Fast forward to the present day at Bob’s Burgers. Bob is more stressed than ever as he looks to perfect a burger for Mr. Dowling, their loan manager at the bank. Bob and Linda seem to be behind on their payments again and look to impress Mr. Dowling to receive an extension on their payments.

Things don’t go according to plan and the Belchers are denied the extension. With 7 days left to make their payment, Bob is sent into a spiral of doubt, uncertainty, and panic. If matters couldn’t get any worse, just as an idea to drum up business arrives, a giant sinkhole opens up in front of the entrance to the restaurant, causing Bob even more stress.

Linda hopes that the sinkhole will be filled and the family can drum up business from The Wharf’s Octa-Versary, 80th celebration! The Wharf is an amusement park on the pier that’s down the street. Linda is optimistic that the foot traffic from the event will drive hungry mouths into Bob’s Burgers and save them once again! Will everything go according to plan?

Bob, Linda, and the restaurant aren’t the only ones having problems. The kids have their own internal struggles, leaving room for all of your favorites to have their time in the spotlight.

The Kids

Gene is in search of “the perfect sound.” After tinkering with an empty napkin holder, spoons, and rubber bands, the middle Belcher child thinks he’s found what the Itty Bitty Ditty Committee, his once hopeful band, was missing. The perfect sound for the band! After convincing the former band members that they were in fact a band, Gene sets his sights on his biggest show yet, headlining the Wharf’s Octa-Versary celebration! Gene brings his comedic timing and natural flair for the dramatics to the big screen.

Tina, the eldest and boy-crazed Belcher teen is set to make this her best summer yet. She’s ready to ask her long-time crush Jimmy Jr a critical question but is met with an internal hesitation. Tina is set to learn a valuable lesson about fantasy versus reality and what she really wants for herself and Jimmy Jr. But don’t worry, her self-reflection doesn’t deter from the obsessed, doubtful, and quirky Tina that we know and love.

Louise the youngest Belcher has one of the most significant tests of her life. After lounging during recess and not participating in the high bar antics of her classmates, Louise’s bravery is called into question. She is called the b-word… that’s right Louise is called a “baby”. This attack on Louise’s character sends her spiraling and trying to prove that she is far from a baby; to prove that she is as brave, if not braver, than anyone else. What could go wrong?. Determined to prove her bravery and save her family’s restaurant, Louise comes up with a plan and naturally drags Tina and Gene along for the ride.

Along the way, we meet some of our favorite characters from the show. Iconic sayings and banter from the series are brought to the big screen. Get ready to laugh, sing and solve a mystery with Ocean Avenue’s favorite mediocre family.

Are the Belchers ready for their largest order yet?

Check out The Bob’s Burgers Movie trailer below

I give the movie a 4 out of 5 (Rotten Tomatoes gives it an 88% ranking!)

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