WWE Royal Rumble Thoughts!

Let’s Get Ready to Rumbleeeeee!!!! Hiya Gamers, Geeks & Friends! Today’s blog will consist of my thoughts on what will happen at the Royal Rumble Pay Per View this Sunday January 29th, 2017 at the Alamo Dome in Texas. This will be the 2nd time since the brand split and separate Pay Per Views that both Smackdown and Raw Superstars will be in the same ring on the same night (Survivor Series). I am very excited about the event so let’s jump right into my predictions on what will happen.

Pause… I should probably go over what the Royal Rumble Event is for readers who may not be aware lol. The Royal Rumble is a WWE Pay Per View event that has Superstar’s “Draw Numbers” to see where they will enter in the lineup. Basically there are 30 slots, distributed between all of the entrants. You would ideally want to pull a number as close to 30 as possible so that you do not have to wrestle as many people and it increases your chances of winning the Rumble. kofi-0 Entrants are eliminated by being thrown over the top rope with BOTH feet touching the ground and new entrants arrive every few minutes. The last person standing in the ring will go on to headline Wrestlemania in the main event for a title opportunity. Got it?

Now, for my thoughts on the Rumble. finn One prediction that I will stick by is that Finn Balor will make his return!  I am hoping and praying that Balor returns at the Rumble. He we out back in August due to a shoulder injury after Summer Slam and was expected to be out 6 months for recovery. It’s been about 6 months and athletes tend to heal quicker than non athletes so my money is on Balor’s return!

Next thought will be in reference to Seth Rollins losing his spot in the Rumble to Sami Zayn on the past Monday Night Raw. There is absolutely NO WAY that Rollins will not be competing. My thought, is that he will be entered in the Rumble and will either win it or come very very close. Maybe 3rd to last eliminated. I know that this prediction is a long shot, but come on… do you think Seth Rollins wouldn’t be in the Rumble after missing it and Wrestlemania last year?

Do I think Brock Lesner will get revenge on Goldberg? Nope. I think it will be a better fight this time around, but ultimately the icon will come out on top. As far as the Undertaker, I think it’s going to be a very interesting match. This is the first year that so many of the participants in the Royal Rumble have been announced so I believe the last 10 slots will be phenomenal. Also, I think that Samoa Joe will debut from NXT. Joe has been main roster ready for a while now and since he no longer holds the NXT title, the next step in his career is to go be pushed up to Smackdown or Raw.

john-cena-the-champ-is-hereThose are my main predictions and thoughts. I have considered that Austin Aries may debut as well, but that’s a little more far fetched. No matter what, an NXT member will be ascending to the main roster and making their debut. The only other prediction I would dare say is that John Cena will become the 16x champion , unless the match ends in a DQ… period!

That’s my thought on the Rumble. What are your predictions? Oh yeah, before I leave… Bayley will beat Charlotte but it may end in a DQ sooo… we shall see. Leave your comments below and I will have a recap on Monday!


Have a great day and Remember the Rumble!






  1. Yes for a Balor return! Would love to see it happen, I’d like to see Angle in the Rumble match to though he said he isn’t appearing, he could get eliminated by someone to setup a WM match as I’d like to see him get one last match in WWE even with going into the HoF this year.

    Seth needs a big role to, quite surprised they did what they did on Raw and am interested to see what Rollins does at the Rumble. If he was a heal I’d say that he’d attack someone on there way down to the match and take there place but it’s not a very face thing to do.

    I see Charlotte retaining, wouldn’t surprise me if Bayley wins by DQ or count out but can’t see her winning the title.

    I think Owen’s will retain and Cena will win to. He hasn’t beaten Styles yet and I think WWE will give him the belt now as it’ll be his 16th title win and there’s more prestige in winning it one on one in a classic match than waiting to EC and winning the chamber match.

    As for the Rumble itself, haven’t a clue, it’s really open this year who could win.

    Apologies for the long comment, I like wrestling.😀

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    1. No apologizes needed, I love wrestling as well. I’m happy that we see eye to eye on some of the matches, which means that it might happen. Yea, I have no idea about the rumble match itself, they could have Storwman Win, Undertaker or an underdog. I would think that the rumble match may make more sense after we see who wins the Cena versus Styles match. If Cena wins then the possibility of Goldberg winning may be higher than expected. I really hope we see a clash of Goldberg, Strowman, Undertaker and Lesner at once. Kane might appear as he always seem to appear at the rumble. Oh, I totally forgot that Jericho will be in the rumble match so that should be interesting as well (unless Seth attacks him down to the ring as you have touched on lol 😉 ). Thank you for the comment, I cannot wait to watch the match and do a follow up post on Monday! 🙂

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