Hidden Treasures 4: Roblox

Happy Monday Gamers and Friends! Thank you for tuning in to another weekly post for our picks on “Overlooked” games, movies and shows: Hidden Treasures. Feel free to look at the last 3 posts by clicking the corresponding titles: Allegiant, Nerve, iZombie! This week we are highlighting a free game on PC and Xbox One; Roblox!  Sit back, relax and see why I love this game and why you should be playing it too!

Roblox is a a type of MMORPG SandBox game that consists of several online multiplayer games to play. So this is where it gets interesting as Roblox is similar in functionality to Minecraft where players in the community are able to create maps and game modes. It’s an awesome way to pass the time and with the unlimited uploads from the community you can literally play a different game each day. Below I have listed some of my favorite game modes with a short description of what to expect.

Game Types: Paintball, Dodgeball, Tycoons, Races, theme parks,   obstacle courses,

  • Tycoons- There’s a type of game called  Tycoon that’s super awesome because you build like a factory in order to make money and buy different upgrades, items, supplies etc.

    What makes this game fun for me is there are so many different tycoon games  so you receive a different experience each time. The Mario Tycoon is awesome because one of the items you can buy are suits for Mario, Yoshi, Peach, etc. You can walk around as the characters with weapons you buy in order to demolish opponents.

  • Obstacle Courses- There’s a plethora of obstacle course that you can played commonly known as “Obby’s.”

    A different version of the obstacle courses are called Escape The … Fill in the blank here. Escape the Dentist office, Escape the Construction Zone, etc. The escape versions of the obstacle courses are hilarious because you are jumping over and going through obstacles that are themed to the course.

  • Dodgeball- Dodgeball is pretty self explanatory, you are placed on either the red or blue team randomly and basically you throw balls to eliminate players on the other team. I believe you have 3 lives and each time you are hit your character turns a different color. This change is visible to all players which can make you a target if you are 1 hit away from elimination.
  • Social Games – There’s a ton of social meeting games like theme parks where you can ride attractions, talk to people, play carnival games and hangouts such as dance parties, prom and even a pool! If you just want to relax, show off your newest clothes or watch others you can do so.  There’s even Hide N Seek!

There’s plenty more game types like shooters, RPG’s and races available on the Roblox servers.

Customization: Another great feature of Roblox is that you are able to fully customize your characters. You can win coins to upgrade your appearance. The customization feature of the game is endless.


  • You love to have a variety of games to play
  • You enjoy playing a stress free game with fun and lots of colors lol
  • You enjoy Sandbox games with multiple customization features


  • You are not a fan of the kiddie, Lego type graphics of the game
  • You do not like playing Minecraft or other sandbox games
  • You’d rather have structure than a melting pot of different game types

Thank you for reading and try out Roblox in your spare time! Have you ever played Roblox? What games do you love that you think are overlooked? Let’s talk Hidden Treasures!

-Luna 🙂


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  1. Hey there Luna 🙂 As far as games that don’t receive recognition, I do absolutely love ‘The Evil Within’ (it got middling reviews, but is the greatest Survival Horror since Silent Hill 2!) The obscure and utterly insane ‘Deadly Premonition’ (it’s based upon Twin Peaks, the graphics are awful… but they give it real B movie feel, the plot is deranged awesomeness!) and I’m in a real minority here but I also adore Silicon Knights ‘Too Human’ (terrible controls, too short, but the Norse mythology meets cybernetic tech is intriguing and the loot and armour customisation is fairly deep) Favourite underrated classic though is the fantastic ‘Dragon’s Dogma’, it’s easily my favourite RPG of all time and, has the greatest character creation system ever!!

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    1. Thank you for the comment! There are plenty of overlooked games that have not had the luxury of extensive promotion that I believe are really great games. Roblox is just as addicting as Minecraft to me. It’s not a crazy strategic game, yet the variety is directly parallel to Minecraft for PC. 🙂

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