Throwback Tuesday: Nintendo 64

Hiya Gamers and Friends! Today’s Throwback Thursday post will highlight one of my favorite gaming systems of all times, the Nintendo 64. The Nintendo 64 or N64 for short was released back in 1996 for both the Japanese and North American markets. N64 was the 3rd system released by Nintendo and brought with it some of the more revolutionary games, titles and advancements for it’s time. Let’s jump into some facts about our N64.

The Name: Not many people know why the console was called the Nintendo 64. Obviously the “Nintendo” part was branding the company but why the 64? Easy, the 64 referred to the (then) amazing 64 bit processing system that the console consisted of. It was light years above the Sega and Super Nintendo consoles and the graphics were amazing for that time frame.

The Composition: Another awesome feature of the N64 was the way it was built along with its capabilities.  n64   The N64 in my knowledge was the first system I had that allowed more than 2 people to play at one time! We had 4 regular plug in slots!!!! It made waiting for your turn to play on relevantly non existence. Also the controller was a spectacle in itself. This controller was the first of it’s kind consisting of 3 handles and a joystick! I still remember trying to hold the controller for the first time and the trigger on the back is still one of my favorite features for ANY console.

The Games: The Nintendo 64 produced some of the more iconic games that still reign high up on a gamers list of favorites.    n64 games  Some of these iconic games were Mario Kart 64, Goldeneye 007, Banjo-Kazooie, Super Mario 64, Perfect Dark , Wave Race, Pokemon Stadium, Mario Party, Diddy Kong Racing(see Throwback Tuesday post here! )and Super Smash Bros. If you haven’t played some or any pf the games listed here then you are missing out!

Super Mario 64– Super Mario 64 to some may seem like just another Mario game, however, this game really pushed the boundaries of the gaming world. It was the first time that the gamer was able to explore different camera angles, movements and actions as compared to the Side Scrolling predecessors. Compare the difference below.


As you can see Mario used his Mushroom to upgrade to a revolutionary character in the Nintendo 64. Along with Super Mario was the introduction of one of the best racing game Mario Kart 64! Mario Kart 64 allowed you to race with your favorite Mario characters through customized maps like Donkey Kong Jungle and Yoshi’s Island! You were able to do a traditional race or a battle where your goal was to eliminate the other players. What made this game amazing was that you would use items from a traditional Mario game like Shells and Stars in order to slow down or get away from your opponents. Not only did you want to be a skilled racer (Yoshi with the smooth moves 🙂 ) but you also had to play strategically to not get hit or stop your opponents.

Since Mario 64 and Mario Kart were massive hits, why not continue this trend of Mario games by unleashing my all time favorite Nintendo game; Mario Party! Mario Party was a multiplayer digital board game that allowed gamers to play as their favorite Mario characters in mini games to earn coins and stars. You win the game by satisfying the win requirement or having the most Stars at the end of the game. Of course there were twists in the game like “Taking it to Boo!” I was a fair player until someone did me dirty, then I would take it to Boo and steal either coins or Stars from the person who double crossed me.   mario party boo  Mario Party is still one of my favorite games from Nintendo and I hope the new Nintendo Switch keeps the franchise alive!

Wave Race-    wave race  Wave Race was an awesome Jet skiing racing game in which you could either race or play the Trick mode. I played trick mode the most because I loved learning new tricks like he “Barrel Roll” and using them in a traditional race to show off! Wave Race was really fun traversing the different maps and trying to earn the most medals. Dolphin Park was my favorite map!

Goldeneye 007- I couldn’t end the post without mentioning the Godfather of all FPS games, Goldeneye 007. This game was so amazing from the use of the weapons to playing the missions to playing with your friends and family! I believe this game gave First Person Shooters their life. I can still remember having tons of fun making up rules like you can’t use odd job or the female scientist because they were HACKS!   odd job   Odd job was too short to aim at and the female scientist may as well have been the Flash with her speed. We also took out the Golden Gun because 1 shot kills with that thing were crazy, but occasionally we would play on License to Kill mode! Sometimes my brother and I would make challenges with our friends like rockets only (That was hilarious!). The DD214 was my favorite pistol and I had to find the AK-47 to mow down my enemies. Goldeneye, thank you! From a lover of FPS games thank you, you are where my love for a good FPS began.

There are plenty of notable games not mentioned like Snowboard Kids, Pokemon Stadium and the Wrestling games, however, I can’t mention all of them here. What did you like about the N64? What were some of your favorite games? Let’s talk N64!

Have a great day!

-Luna 🙂


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  1. Ooohh the N64, awesome!

    Damn straight about Goldeneye, loved that game, so many wonderful hours. The wrestling games were great, both WM 2000 and No Mercy, classics, Zelda, 1080 snowboarding too and the console itself was a near indestructible sturdy beast!😂

    The N64 also started my ‘game rage’ never suffered with it before and then I discovered the water temple in Zelda, stupid nightmare of a puzzle that was, gggrrr and the final cage match in the career mode of WM 2000 against hbk, you could spend half an hour battering him and unable to climb the cage and then he’d hit one move and jump up that damn cage.😂 Ah, memories!

    Feeling left out “The Nintendo 64 or N64 for short was released back in 1996 for both the Japanese and North American market” sigh Mrs might not wrestle at WM Rollins it was also released in the UK/Europe too!😂

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    1. I know it was released in 1997, I forgot to put that in there lol oh and Australia. It was a great console! I remember 1080 Snowboarding, hat games was fun as well. I have never played the Zelda games, although I’m probably going to get Breath of The Wild and the Nintendo Switch soon. Thank you for your comment! I love the N64 and I still play it from time to time lol.


      1. I haven’t played mine in years, I’ve still got it though, it’s with my PS2 and gamecube.😂 never played the Zelda games, for shame!😂

        Ah, I didn’t realise it wasn’t released until 1997 in the UK, sorry, meh to Australia, I’m from the UK and didn’t consider them either.😂

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  2. Excellent post about an excellent system! 😀
    Omg, I remember playing Super Mario 64 for the first time and just being absolutely blown away by it. It’s such a fun game, and as you said, totally groundbreaking.
    And Mario Kart 64 is so fun. Yoshi racers unite! lol
    And Wave Race!! Ah, you’re making me want to plug my N64 in right now. I still haven’t plugged it in yet since my recent move, but you are definitely tempting me with this post.
    Some of my other faves were:
    Diddy Kong Racing
    Killer Instinct Gold
    Yoshi’s Story
    Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
    There were a lot of fun ones though! 🙂 Thanks for sharing such a fun post.

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    1. Thank you for your comment! Writing this post was making me nostalgic. iller Instict I totally forgot about and Kirby as well. Other classic games. I loveeee using Yoshi! I would always pick him and my brother would pick Toad. I remember one night while playing battle on block fort we were talking about each others character. He told me I was Bowser’s illegitimate child and I told him he was a fungus :)))) . Great Times!

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      1. lmao I like you and your brother’s banter on the Mario Kart characters. 😛
        Yeah, Yoshi was always my choice and my mom played Peach (only because I always snagged Yoshi first) and my dad always played Toad. That game was such a family pastime when I was growing up that it holds a lot of great memories.

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  3. great post!

    N64 was mind blowning for me, from mario being shifted to 3d, being able to fly a snow speeder and use the tow cable to take down AT AT walkers, unlocking all medals in starfox 64, making tons and tons of customized wrestlers in WWF no mercy, it had everything.

    If people are to ask my favourite console of all time, I have to say the N64, i can’t think of any other console I played more than the N64 and really felt like we entered a different world of gaming

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  4. Lots of great games on this list! I love many of these along with quirkier titles like Chameleon Twist, Mystical Ninja: Starring Goemon, and Mischief Makers. The N64 was such a great console and I’d love to see it get the “NES Classic Edition” treatment so we could experience it again!

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