WWE TLC Recap!

Hapy Monday Novas! Last night was the Tables, Ladders & Chairs event that was Raw’s exclusive showing. Todya we will recap the night and give our opinions on the matches as well as the possible fallouts and setups for the next WWE event; Survivor Series! Let’s start with the kickoff show! I would like to say that I was perfect in my predictions for this match Read the predictions by clicking here!

Alicia Fox versus Sasha Banks – The two Superstars have had a budding rivalry ever since Alicia Foxx started appearing back n TV. The match was during the preshow and wasn’t a bad one at that. Results: Sasha Banks wins by submission!

Emma vs Asuka-  tlc2  The night started off with the debut of Empress of Tomorrow, Asuka! I have to admit, I thought the match would be a bit better but it wasn’t bad. Emma showed off a range of resilence and Asuka came in a bit flat to me, but still determined to make a great debut. Results: Asuka wins!

Cruiserweight match #1 –    The first cursierweight match was a tag team between The Brian Kendrick & Gentleman Jack Gallagher versus the team of Cedric Alexander & Rich Swann. This was a very entertaining match and Iam happy that the crusierweights are getting a bit more prime time air time. It was everything you would expect from high flying moves, to dynamic strikes that had the crowd starting a few chants. Results: Cedric Alexander & Rich Swann wins by pinfall!

Raw Women’s Championship Match –  tlc7   The Raw Women’s Champinship match was between challenger Micki James and Champion Alexa Bliss. After weeks of poking and prddingAlexa met Micki in the ring fr 1 on 1 combat. Both Superstars gave a pretty good performance and Alexa had to respect Micki’s abilities in ring. Results: Alexa James retains.

Cruiserweight Match #2 –   tlc8  The second crusierweight match was the championship match between Enzo Amore and champion Kalisto. This is Enzo’s rematch form losing the title to Kalisto a few weeks back. Enzo has taken on more of a heel role lately and I like it. He has always been a btit rough, but now he’s not pandering to the crowd and taking the full heel turn.  Results: Enzo wins by unscrupulous means!

Jason Jordan versus Elias Samson –  tlc6   This match became a thing during the event. At the beginning of the show, Json was cheering on his dad Kurt Angle when Elias iteruppted, insulted Jordan and asked to go out and play some music. Elias came out twice during the night with his guitar and was frced off stage by Jordan throwing vegetables at him. It was pretty funny and I think it is making Jordan’s character a bit more likeable. Fast forward to the match where Jordan battled Elias and put on a gret show! He is a great technician and with a bit more mic work and likeability he can definitely become a star in the WWE. Results: Booker T lost himself when Jordan won by pinfall. The problem was that Samson’s shoulder was up and they kept showing it on the replay.

First Main Event-  tlc5  I’m pretty much calling the match between Finn Balor and Aj Styles the first main event because it was a dream match! I’ve been wanting to see the 2 club leaders go at it with their similar styles and builds. This match was last minute as Bray Wyatt was unable t wrestle and you can see a few times where their moves didn’t sync up. Was it the dream match that knocked us out of our seats, no, but it was still pretty darn good! My gripe with the match was that Finn seemed to wrestle like “Finn” and  nt the “Demon King.” There’s a bit of a difference becuase the Demon is more aggressive and full out and I didn’t get that vibe last night. Aj was Phenomenal as always and kudos for putting together a match last minute. Results: Finn Balor wins but gives AJ the clubs hand gesture to solidify respect.

Second Main Event-  tlc3  The true main event was the Tables, Ladders and Chairs handicap match between Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrse and Kurt Angle taking on The Miz, Sheamus, Cesaro, Braun Strowman and Kane. This match was brewing since the start of the show with Seth and Dean providing Kurt with a vest. Kurt is stepping in for Roman Reigns who wasn’t cleared to wrestle tonight (although I was waiting for his music to play and him to run down to the ring all match long lol). Kurt joined the Shield in the entrance and they entered the ring with chairs. After a few minutes of having the upper hand by beating down everyone with chairs the numbers started to affect the team of 3. Regaining the upper hand Seth and Dean stoopped my heart by jumping off of ladders onto Kane and Strowman on the announcers table. I was screaming Seth your kneeee!!! lol. This gave way for the 3 remaining Superstars to beat up Kurt and send him back to the locker room. After much back and forth, something that was hinted at the beginning happened. Kane and Braun exchanged a weird look that I thought nothing of before Kane smacked Braun in the back with a chair.  tlc1  From there the match got away from Miz with Brauna nd Kane fighting each other as well. Kurt returns and we had a few great Olympic slams before Miz gets tripled powerbombed. Results: The Shield + Kurt Angle wins by pinfall. Did you expect any other result?

Those were the results from the match and while it wasn’t the best event to date, the 2 main events definitely made the event worth watching. Also the crusierweight #1 match was pretty good. I would give the event overall a C rating but those 3 matches get A++. What did you think of the event? What do you think will happen tonight on RAW leading up to Survivor Series? What was your favorite match last night? Let’s talk WWE!

-Luna 🙂





  1. I agree on the first Cruiserweight match, that was a lot of fun! Makes me wish I had more time to sit down and watch 205 Live more often. But there’s so much Wrestling on already hahaha

    The last match was really entertaining as well and so much chaos, I loved it! Will be interesting to see what Braun’s doing now!

    Sooo happy they gave us Finn vs AJ, they are both amazing and I could watch them forever!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sorry I wanted to reply to both messages yesterday but I was playing a flag football game lol. Yea, I can’t watch as much 205 Live or NXT as I would want but when I can, it’s really amazing. I love most of the Cruiserweight division. I also have the Mae Youing classic to watch with the women fighters.

      the main events were done really well depsite being the only TLC match. Everything was believeable especially the fight between Kane and Braun. I want to see a bigger and better Finn vs AJ match becuase theis one was thrown together last minute.


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