Disney Pop Town Mobile Game Review!

Happy Reading 📖 Stars! It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted a game review so I decided to review a game I’ve been addicted to for a few months… Disney Pop Town!

Disney Pop Town is a puzzle 🧩 game that mixes in the element of building/improving different Kingdoms in the Disney Universe. You will play through levels by matching 3 or more balloon icons together. The goals change as you progress through the levels, but on a high level overview, you’re trying to complete the metrics at the top of the screen. One level may want you to pop 30 Pooh Bear balloons and another level you may need to crack 25 ice blocks. As you complete levels, you will will receive stars ⭐️ that can be used to improve the town or Kingdom.

Matching 3 balloons 🎈 in a row do not give you bonuses, however matching 4 in a row gives you either a vertical or horizontal rocket that clears the column or row (the orientation is decided by the direction you make the match). For example if you make a match of 4 in a line that’s horizontal, you receive a horizontal rocket 🚀 and vice versa. Matching 4 balloons 🎈 in a box shape creates a rocket that randomly blasts the area around it and lands on a random square to blow up. Matching 5 balloons 🎈 in a row or column creates a disco ball. When swapped with any balloon, the disco ball will clear all of the same balloon from the board. Lastly matching a 3×3 pattern in an L shape creates a bomb 💣 that blows up the immediate area. All icons can be matched with each other to create larger and more unique occurrences.

Another cool feature of Pop Town is the character abilities. As you earn coins and Mickey tickets 🎫, you can use them to purchase character outfits. Each character outfit has an ability that’s helps you out during the level. Once your meter is full, click your character icon and watch the magic. Happen. Currently, I am using the Donald Outfit which shoots 2 rockets when the meter is full. Since my outfit is on level 2, there’s a 10% chance that a third rocket will fire. You level up your outfits by playing levels in them and earning experience (XP).

Current Unlocked Outfits! For Mickey Mouse
Different Costumes Kingdoms

Another way to collect outfits is by completing event tasks. Each week or so there is an event. Recently the Luca event ended and I was able to obtain an exclusive Luca outfit by playing. You can also unlock special items, gems and even unlimited play or item timers ⏲.

Disney Pop Town is free to download, however there are micro transactions in the game. These transactions can provide you with more gems, coins, special items, costumes or even unlimited play timers. I’ve only spent $.99 so far (because I wanted more lives to play), but now with the popmates addition, I can request lives from other players.

I have 5 lives to claim from my tree and a 15 minute unlimited play. I also need to click on the help hearts 💕 to send lives to my popmates 😊

At a certain level, you unlock the popmates island. This island allows you to add other players as mates to your game. The perk is that you can send each other lives (5 at a time). What’s great is that you can stack the lives you receive and use them with 7 days of claiming. The more you send lives to others, the higher your meter fills. Once the meter is full, you will have a 15 minute unlimited play that can be claimed.

Lastly you can participate in daily challenges to earn rewards. There’s a prize wheel that can be spun each day by completing the associated challenges. With new missions, née levels being added, and new events to participate in, there’s endless amounts of fun 🤩. Disney Pop Town can be played on your phone while you’re on the go and need a quick break or leisurely while you’re watching tv.

Announcements 📣 when signing in!
Missions, Prizes and Progress!

I’ve enjoyed my time playing and will continue to play Disney Pop Town as long as my interest holds. Below are my top reasons to “Play” or “Skip” Disney’s Pop Town!


  • Like puzzle matching games like Candy Crush or Bejeweled
  • You like collecting different character items


  • Waiting for lives to refill (pre Popmates island unlocked)
  • Don’t like puzzle games

Final Boss: I’m enjoying the game thoroughly. I love that the levels are untimed so I can put my phone down for a few minutes if needed while in the middle of completing a level. I will say at first running out of lives was annoying, but after unlocking the Popmates island, I make sure to go on daily and request lives so that I can store them for later use. With the different events and costumes to collect, I find plenty of enjoyment and variety in the game. Highly recommend for my puzzle lovers and if you’re on the game, feel free to request me : Luna26x!

Have you played Disney Pop Town? Which mobile games are you currently playing? What mobile games should we try? Let’s talk mobile games!

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